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I had the pleasure of visiting the University - which is owned by the University of Illinois at Urbana - in Champaign for the first time. It is one of the best and most beautiful art galleries in the country and you can admire its huge collection of artworks from all over the world.

This rustic retreat is surrounded by a 92-acre forest and prairie area that stretches from forests and grasslands to the prairies of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and back again.

The Western Illinois University golf course is located on the banks of the Lamoine River and is divided into two courses: a 1000-yard par-3 course and a 2500-foot course. There are three types of sports facilities, all affiliated with Western Illinois University: golf, tennis, football or lacrosse. Popular activities include cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, boating, mountain biking and much more.

In her role as a consultant, Elaine offers a unique perspective on art and location - and makes up aspects of the Western Illinois University campus. Carolyn and Elaine conduct residencies and provide a wide range of activities for students, faculty and staff at the Macomb Art Museum.

For 20 years they have been working together to beautify and enliven public spaces indoors and outdoors with their own mosaic work. Ultimately, advocates say, a regional arts center financed through public-private collaboration will provide an improved quality of life for residents and artists, inject money into the local economy, and revive historic buildings that otherwise plague downtown Macomb, which are empty and disintegrating. Although about half the year is made up of students, Howard says it's "just incredible" that business owners and residents have committed to making public art projects bigger and better each year. If anyone knows of surviving photos, please contact me at [email protected] or [phone] for more information.

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Our goal is to create a pleasant atmosphere where students can learn and grow from their experiences and develop a lifelong appreciation for music by helping them to listen to great music. We also add colour and atmosphere to certain community events to promote and enrich our concert performances.

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To counter the tendency to be Macomb-focused, I thought my expertise in remote McDonough County would best come late next year to talk to you about it.

The speaker will be WIU history professor Greg Hall, who will give a lecture entitled "Quintus Sosman and the Art of Macomb County, Illinois" at the McDonough County Museum of Art on Saturday, March 26, 7: 30 p.m. Quintus was born in 1830 and moved to Clary Grove, Sangamon County, Illinois, at the age of 17. Later, SOSman and his family moved to Chicago in the early 1880s and founded his own painting company, S.S. Painted scenes, and later partnered with the Chicago Art Museum.

In 1933, the lodge moved to its current location in Macomb County, Illinois, and continued to grow until it was closed in the late 1950s due to financial difficulties.

A new lounge with Art Deco decor was added, including the built-in black Carrara glass, and C.V. Chandler built a new dining room, bar, dining room, lounge and dining area. The painted scene at the Chandler Opera House could be raised or lowered and was painted by Charles L. Clements, a landscape and portrait painter working in Chicago.

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